Time Management Workshops

Say hello to results

& goodbye to distractions

Would you like to master the key skills you need to invest your time optimally and create amazing results in your career?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, my Time Management workshop is right for you.

What topics are covered?

  • Increase efficiency with proactive time management systems
  • Design a master plan for your week
  • Create practical plans to accomplish your professional goals
  • Manage email decisively and proficiently
  • Overcome procrastination once and for all
  • Eliminate common workplace interruptions and distractions using tried-and-true methods
  • Employ effective self-care practices to keep you at your best
  • Break limiting beliefs that are slowing you down and keeping you stuck
  • Set boundaries so you can protect and honor time for yourself

What outcomes can I expect?

  • Improved momentum and performance in your work
  • Greater calm, reduced anxiety, and less stress
  • Added recognition for your high-caliber work and professionalism
  • Increased sense of control over your life and career
  • More time to focus on your own well-being

Are you a manager interested in helping your team be more productive?

I’ve got your back!

I offer my Time Management workshop either virtually or in person.  And the best news?  You may customize my workshop by selecting the modules below that will benefit your team the most.

Ready to learn more?

Time Management Curriculum


Set the Stage for Success

You’ll learn how to upgrade your daily actions for maximum energy, create your personalized self-care plan, manage your mental clutter, and reduce decision fatigue.


Organize Your Workspace

You’ll learn how to remove what you no longer need, make a home for the tools you do need, and clear the digital clutter.


Schedule Your Priorities

You’ll learn how to create your weekly and daily plan, and build realistic time blocks that work for you.


Minimize Interruptions

You’ll learn how to establish reasonable boundaries, overcome procrastination, and reduce common workplace distractions.


Embrace Digital Wellness

You’ll assess your digital usage, explore digital minimalism, and learn how to process email effectively.


Delegate Effectively

You’ll learn how to implement a proven delegation approach, follow-up without micromanaging, and empower others to produce high quality results.