Pick Your New Year Challenge!


Research indicates that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their New Year’s Resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.  But here’s some great news!  In January, I am offering four, 21-day challenges.  If one of them aligns with your 2022 goals,  I’d love to support you!  Please review the details of each challenge below.

OPTION 1 My 21-Day Sugar Reset will help you reduce the amount of processed sugar you consume.  Past participants report the following benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced sugar cravings
  • Increased energy
  • Better focus and mental clarity
  • Decreased appetite

This challenge is for people who want a little structure, support and encouragement as they reduce processed sugar in their diet.

OPTION 2 – My 21-Day Clutter Cleanse is a decluttering blitz designed to help you remove unwanted items in your home quickly and intensely.  During this challenge, you will declutter a large amount (up to 700 items) in your home over 21 days.

This challenge is ideal for people who have at least three rooms that contain clutter and are eager to get rid of it.

OPTION 3 – My 21-Day Digital Reset will help you do some “digital laundry” to improve focus, decrease stress, and increase productivity.

This challenge is ideal for people who have at least four digital areas to declutter (emails, texts, voice mails, apps, electronic files, contacts, digital photos, etc.)

OPTION 4 – My 21-Day Workspace Cleanup will help you create a decluttered, organized, and inviting workspace.

This challenge is for people who have at least four workspace areas to declutter (physical desktop, desk drawers, bookshelves, hard copy files, work bag, etc.)

What You’ll Receive For The Challenge You Select:

  • A kickstart video with activities to prepare you for the challenge
  • Short weekly videos describing that week’s challenge (I’ll deliver these recordings first thing every Monday morning, so you can start your week off right.)
  • A midpoint accountability email from Lori to encourage you and answer questions
  • An optional celebration via Zoom and tips for maintaining your progress or continuing your journey

Each challenge will be from Jan. 3-24, 2022.  Enrollment for all challenges will end on Thursday, December 30 at noon ET.   

NOTE:  If more than one challenge appeals to you, that’s great.  But,  I strongly encourage you to select one challenge and go “all in.”  That way you are laser-focused and will get excellent results!

If you have any questions, don’t hesistate to send an email to hello@loritingle.com.

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