Hi, I’m Lori.

As a time management coach, I work with individuals, corporate employees, and small business owners to help them establish priorities, plan effectively, and minimize distractions to achieve their life and career goals.  Whether you are working on site or remotely, I can help you manage your time and create the results you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and/or professional potential.  Coaching focuses on the future – what the client wants and how to get there.  Counseling is about diagnosing and helping clients with emotional problems from the past.  

When I completed the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly known as StrengthsFinder), my results aligned well with the coaching profession:  positivity, achiever, relator, learner, and empathy.  Additionally, I had worked for many years in employee development, and loved helping managers enhance their skills and improve their results.  So, I decided to complete extensive training at Coach U and the Center for Coaching Certification.

Accomplishments vary depending upon each client’s goals.  However, some common outcomes include:

  • Improved performance at work
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Increased sense of control over one’s life and career
  • Increased accomplishments in less time
  • Decreased procrastination
  • Enhanced well-being and self-care

Yes!  I walk my own talk and have invested in business coaching, health coaching, and life coaching.  I have participated in private and group coaching; both formats were extremely valuable and helped me to create the results I wanted.

Yes, as my schedule permits, I offer one-hour webinars or workshops pro bono (or at a reduced rate) to nonprofits or professional/community associations.  If you would like more information, please reach out: hello@loritingle.com.

In our initial conversation, I ask lots of questions to learn about your specific goals,  challenges, motivators and stressors. Then, I develop a coaching plan that will serve as our guide.  (However, we will adjust along the way.  We want to be strategic by thinking long-term while also considering your present circumstances.)

In between coaching sessions, you take specific action to achieve your goals.  You may contact me with questions, achievements, or new developments.

At the beginning of each call, we review your progress, trouble-shoot any obstacles, celebrate successes, and move forward accordingly.

Absolutely! What happens in our sessions stays in our sessions.

The coaching process may last from just a few sessions to a couple of years, with the majority lasting six to 12 months.  The coaching time frame depends on many factors: your goal(s), your commitment and openness to change, your circumstances, how quickly and thoughtfully you complete homework assignments, etc. 

I will meet with you two to three times per month, depending on your schedule and specific goals.  Through many years of experience and testing of different time frames, I’ve found that this frequency yields the greatest returns in terms of change.  This schedule offers time for reflection and application of learning in between sessions, while maintaining the momentum of our work together.

My goal is to make scheduling as convenient as possible for you.  Most clients opt to either meet by phone or the online platform, Zoom.

My coaching fees start at $200 and increase from there, depending on many factors.  During your complimentary consultation, I am happy to share more information.

Many individuals feel they can’t afford a professional coach. But, after considering the value they have gained from coaching, my clients often wonder what took them so long to contact me. Before thinking about the price, ask yourself what you’d be missing if you don’t hire a coach. What isn’t working in your life or career right now? How might your life be better if your challenges were resolved and replaced with productive, valuable actions? 

I’d love to speak with you!  Please click the “Schedule Here” button in the upper right corner of the website.  This will take you to a list of coaching options from which you may choose.  You may select “Introductory Meeting” which will give us an opportunity to get to know one another, discuss your specific situation and goals, and you can decide if I am the right coach for you.